Aluminum foil faced phenolic foam insulation pipe shell pipe holder

Short Description:

The closed cell foam structure of aluminum foil faced phenolic insulation pipe shell and pipe support makes it have the thermal insulation performance comparable to that of polyurethane materials, and the fire resistance is superior to that of PIR and polyurethane materials. It is carbonized at high temperature and does not burn.

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 phenolic insulation pipe


 item  unit value


 (kg / m3): 35 ^ 80

Thermal conductivity

 w (m.k) ≤ 0.022 ~ 0.025

Smoke density grade

—— < 5

Compressive strength



Combustion grade

——  B1 thermosetting material

Calorific value

(MJ / kg) < 4.2

Heat release

 MJ / ㎡  < 16.8

Service temperature

  - 60 ~ 150

Bending breaking force

/ N


Water absorption



Tensile strength




 (mm): On demand customization

Customizable composite

materials and aluminum foil

Product display:

High Density Phenolic Insulation Pipe

Phenolic foam insulation pipe is a new type of pipe insulation material. The product can be coated with aluminum foil, which can't only increase the beauty of the project, but also adapt to a variety of working environment requirement.


1) The construction is convenient, and special-shaped pipes such as elbow, tee and reducer can be made

2) Low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation performance

Product advantages:


Product application:

Clear phenolic insulation pipe shell is widely used in the fields of air conditioning insulation pipe, cold and hot water pipe insulation, industrial transportation pipe cold insulation and insulation. It can be made according to the needs of customers. The shell thickness, pipe diameter and length can be customized according to the needs


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