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Recommended by Chinese phenolic insulation board manufacturers – Langfang Clear Company
Langfang Clear Chemical Building Materials Co., Ltd. has been engaged in direct sales in the source factory, quality assurance, direct sales by manufacturers, selection of materials, and 15 years of dedicated and honest operation in the insulation material industry. Only by doing so can the quality of the source manufacturer be guaranteed. We only do a good job of phenolic insulation board products! Quality for development.

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Advantages of phenolic insulation board
1. Shock absorption, sound absorption effect is good, durable, anti-corrosion and anti-aging;
2. Class A fireproof and moisture-proof, fireproof and nonflammable, with good thermal insulation effect;
3. Reduce noise;
4. Resistance to thermal radiation;
5. High quality and low price;
6. Easy installation;
Recommended phenolic insulation board
Unit value of technical indicators
Core material density kg/m3 70-75
Aluminum foil thickness mm 0.08
Total thickness mm 20
Thermal conductivity w/m.k 0.02
Bending strength Mpa 1
Combustion performance~incombustible Class A
Water absorption of core material% 1.9
Maximum smoke density% 2
Size change rate% 0.3
Compressive strength Mpa 0.25
Operating temperature ℃ - 400
Dimension standard mm 4000 * 1200 * 20
This is the phenolic insulation board manufacturer we recommend today, and there are many ways to distinguish a good manufacturer. However, the biggest feature of a good manufacturer is that it has been engaged in the industry for a long time and has great advantages and experience in quality control. Such a manufacturer is a good phenolic insulation board manufacturer.

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