Color steel composite phenolic sandwich panel for cold room and cold storage

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Phenolic foam sandwich color steel composite board is widely used in steel structure workshop, dust-free workshop, sterile operating room, cold chain transport vehicle and cold room heat insulation board, which has the functions of anti-corrosion, fire prevention and thermal insulation

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Phenolic Sandwich panel
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Phenolic Foam
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Advantages of phenolic foam as insulation core material of color steel sandwich panel

Phenolic foam is a new and safe heat preservation and energy-saving material. Its performance and production technology have reached the world advanced level. In general, phenolic foam as the insulation core material of color steel sandwich panel has the following excellent characteristics compared with other insulation materials.
3.1 excellent fire resistance: organic thermal insulation materials such as polyurethane and polyphenylene will produce dense smoke and highly toxic after combustion, which is easy to cause death and increase the difficulty of fire extinguishing. The phenolic foam is nonflammable in case of fire. The combustion performance is up to class A, the maximum service temperature is 180 ℃ (allowable instantaneous temperature is 250 ℃), and the flame resistance of 100 mm thick phenolic foam can reach more than 1 hour without being penetrated. Under the direct action of the flame, there is carbon deposition, no dripping, no curling and no melting. After the flame combustion, a layer of "graphite foam" is formed on the surface, effectively protecting the foam structure in the layer.
3.2 excellent thermal insulation performance: low thermal conductivity (< 0.025w/m × K. It is more than twice as much as polyphenylene and is similar to polyurethane), which is an excellent material for heat preservation and insulatio






Material Science weight(Kg/m³) thermal conductivity W/(m·℃) Thermal resistance value (0.025㎡×℃/W) Combustion grade
Phenolic 40~80 0.025 1 Flame retardant B1
polyurethane 20~40 0.025 1 Flame retardant B2
Eps 20~40 0.03 0.86 Flame retardant B2
Xps 20~40 0.041 0.61 Flame retardant B2
Rock wool 80~120 0.053 0.48 Non combustible A
Glass wool 80~120 0.036 0.69 Non combustible A
Foam glass 80~120 0.066 0.066 Non combustible A

Comparison conclusion: phenolic foam insulation sandwich layer has better thermal insulation effect than rock wool, EPS, XPS and other insulation materials, and is equal to polyurethane material; However, the fire resistance of phenolic foam is obviously better than that of polyurethane, and the price is also more favorable than that of polyurethane. Therefore, in terms of comprehensive performance, phenolic foam wins.


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Usually cartons or pallets or as customized

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Phenolic Sandwich boards
phenolic sandwich panel

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LangfangClear chemical building materials Co., Ltd. was established in2007, focusing on the production of phenolic foam thermal insulation products. Provide drawing customization services, OEM and ODM processing services, and own brand sales services, build a multi-level and wide-ranging service system, and strive to provide customers with efficient and high-quality services.
We have 11 production lines with large capacity and stable supply, and our products sell well all over the world. Keliyi, which is widely used in internal and external wall insulation, roof insulation, pipe insulation and other fields, is willing to work together with business friends to share innovative achievements.

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