• China Phenolic Insulation Board Manufacturer

    China Phenolic Insulation Board Manufacturer

    Clear, a phenolic insulation board manufacturer from China, produces customized multipurpose phenolic insulation products, which have good thermal insulation performance and fire resistance. According to customer needs, we can customize and produce different thickness and size, foam board surface composite materials, etc. The 10cm phenolic insulation board is the thickness customized by the customer. At room temperature, the R value of 10cm thickness is 5, the heat insulation effect is the same as that of polyurethane, and the fire resistance is superior to that of polyurethane. It is carbonized at high temperature and does not burn in case of fire.

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  • China Phenolic Insulation Board Factory

    China Phenolic Insulation Board Factory

    Recommended by Chinese phenolic insulation board manufacturers – Langfang Clear Company
    Langfang Clear Chemical Building Materials Co., Ltd. has been engaged in direct sales in the source factory, quality assurance, direct sales by manufacturers, selection of materials, and 15 years of dedicated and honest operation in the insulation material industry. Only by doing so can the quality of the source manufacturer be guaranteed. We only do a good job of phenolic insulation board products! Quality for development.

  • Thermal Insulation Board

    Thermal Insulation Board

    product details Thermal Insulation Board phenolic insulation board Feasibility Analysis of Using Phenolic Insulation Board in Farms Glass wool roll felt is often used, but the thermal conductivity of glass wool is relatively high and the thermal insulation effect is poor. Now there is a new type of thermal insulation material – double-sided aluminum foil phenolic board The double-sided aluminum foil phenolic resin has low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation...
  • Aluminum foil faced phenolic foam insulation pipe shell pipe holder

    Aluminum foil faced phenolic foam insulation pipe shell pipe holder

    The closed cell foam structure of aluminum foil faced phenolic insulation pipe shell and pipe support makes it have the thermal insulation performance comparable to that of polyurethane materials, and the fire resistance is superior to that of PIR and polyurethane materials. It is carbonized at high temperature and does not burn.

  • China Phenolic Insulation Board Supplier

    China Phenolic Insulation Board Supplier

    Clear Company has 15 years of experience in the production of phenolic insulation board, and has mature technology and management experience. The phenolic insulation board can meet the needs of insulation in many fields. Various systems to meet different needs of customers.
    It can be applied to insulation of internal and external walls and roofs, sound insulation and fire insulation of ventilation ducts, sandwich panel composite materials, sandwich layers of fire doors, large diameter or industrial storage tank insulation arc panels, and can also be compounded with a variety of surface materials according to customer needs to improve strength and decoration.


  • phenolic exterior wall panels

    phenolic exterior wall panels

    phenolic exterior wall panels 4


    Manufacturer of phenolic exterior wall panels
    Excellent fire resistance
    phenolic exterior wall panels is used as the thermal insulation layer, which is compounded with other materials for building thermal insulation. It can basically reach the national fire protection standard Class A, fundamentally eliminating the possibility of external insulation fire. The temperature range is-60 ℃~+150 ℃.
    Outstanding energy-saving effect of phenolic insulation
    Phenolic insulation board has good thermal insulation performance, its thermal conductivity is about 0.022W/(m · k), which is far lower than the inorganic and organic external wall insulation products commonly used in the market at present, and can achieve higher energy saving effect.
    ’Phenolic is widely used
    It can not only be used in the traditional external wall thermal insulation system, but also can be combined with the finishing layer to make an integrated thermal insulation and decoration board. It can also be used to build the traditional EPS/XPS/PU external wall thermal insulation system fire isolation belt, which can be used as the fire insulation and thermal insulation materials in curtain walls, fire doors, and fire insulation and thermal insulation materials in low-temperature or high-temperature occasions.
    Phenolic insulation board is made of phenolic foam, which is mainly composed of phenol and formaldehyde. Phenolic foam is a new type of fire-resistant, fireproof and low smoke insulation material (under limited conditions). It is a closed cell rigid foam plastic made of phenolic resin added with foaming agent, curing agent and other additives.
    The thermal conductivity of phenolic foam is about 0.023 (about 1/2 of polystyrene, and the thermal conductivity of polystyrene board is about 0.042), the fire rating is incombustible B (can withstand 150 ℃ high temperature), and the price is similar to that of polyurethane. Polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam are both flammable and not resistant to high temperature. Their use is restricted by the fire department. Phenolic fire-proof insulation board can effectively solve the problem of building fire protection and insulation. Phenolic insulation board does not melt, soften, emit low smoke, does not spread flame, is resistant to flame penetration, has excellent fire protection performance, and has good heat preservation and energy conservation effect. It combines excellent fire prevention performance with good energy conservation effect, and is suitable for external wall insulation. Application form of phenolic insulation board:
    1) External thermal insulation of building exterior wall (thin plastering system, integration of thermal insulation and decoration, curtain wall system)
    2) Central air conditioning composite duct insulation (steel faced phenolic composite duct, double-sided aluminum foil phenolic composite duct)
    3) Color steel sandwich panel field (movable panel room, purification project, clean workshop, cold storage, cabinet room, etc.)
    4) Roof thermal insulation (residential roof, factory roof, roof thermal insulation brick)
    5) Low temperature cryogenic pipeline insulation (LNG pipeline, LNG pipeline, cold and hot water pipeline)
    6) Other fields requiring thermal insulation
    Since the 1990s, phenolic foam materials have been greatly developed. First, they were valued by the British and American military and used in aerospace, defense and military industries. Later, they were used in places with strict fire protection requirements such as civil aircraft, ships, stations, oil wells, and gradually pushed to high-rise buildings, hospitals, sports facilities and other fields.

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