Why is phenolic board becoming increasingly popular on the market?

Phenolic board is a kind of thermal insulation material made of phenolic foam, which has excellent performance of fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc., and is widely used in the field of building external wall thermal insulation and fire prevention.

The increasingly popular phenolic boardFirstly, phenolic panels have excellent fire resistance. Due to the fact that phenolic panels are made of flame-retardant materials, their combustion performance can reach up to B1 level, effectively preventing the spread of fire. Meanwhile, phenolic panels do not melt, drip, or curl at high temperatures, effectively protecting the structural safety of buildings.
Secondly, phenolic panels have excellent insulation performance. Due to the low thermal conductivity of phenolic panels, they can effectively prevent the transfer of heat between indoor and outdoor environments, maintain stable indoor temperatures, and reduce energy consumption.
In addition, phenolic panels also have advantages such as lightweight, non-toxic, corrosion-free, sound insulation, and low cost. Its density is small and its weight is light, which can reduce the self weight of the building, reduce the load of the building, and reduce the structural cost. Moreover, phenolic panels have a longer service life, and long-term use can save a lot of maintenance and replacement costs.
In terms of external wall insulation and fire prevention, phenolic panels can be applied in various ways. For example, phenolic panels can be pasted on the exterior walls of buildings as part of the external wall insulation system. Phenolic panels can also be made into various shapes and specifications for insulation and fire prevention in ceiling, partition walls, and other parts of buildings.
In summary, phenolic panels, as an efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe insulation material, have broad application prospects in the field of exterior wall insulation and fire prevention. With the continuous improvement of building energy efficiency requirements and the enhancement of fire safety awareness, the demand for phenolic panels will be increasing.

Post time: Feb-04-2024