Sunscreen ceiling heat insulation board of breeding farm and sunshine room

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Aluminum foil faced phenolic foam board is widely used in the heat insulation of the suspended ceiling of breeding farms and sunshine houses. The aluminum foil surface effectively reflects ultraviolet rays. The phenolic foam sandwich layer can block the transmission of hot air and has a good heat insulation effect

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Product Name: double sided aluminum foil thermal insulation board
Inspection item unit value
Density (kg / m3): 35 ^ 80
Thermal conductivity w (m.k) ≤ 0.022 ~ 0.025
Smoke density grade -- compression strength (MPA): 0.19
Combustion grade -- Class B1 thermosetting material
Calorific value MJ / kg, heat release MJ / ㎡, service temperature ℃ - 60 ~ 150
Bending breaking force / N 19
Water absorption (%): 5.0
Tensile strength (MPA): 0.09
Specification (mm): 1200 × 2400、1200 × 600、1200 × 1000 (other specifications can be customized)
Thickness mm 20 ~ 23 (customizable)
Customized composite materials: cement fiber cloth, mesh cloth mortar, interface agent, single and double-sided aluminum foil

Product advantages

TPhenolic foam insulation board is widely used in China for wall and ceiling insulation of pig houses, chicken houses and other farms. There are good application cases for ceiling, wall insulation and solar room insulation of steel structure plants,Compared with the traditional glass wool felt insulation, the phenolic foam insulation panel has more advantages. Keliwer provides factory customization, OEM and ODM processing services.

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Stocking & Packing

Usually cartons or pallets or as customized

Application scenario

phenolic foam insulation board

Service advantages


LangfangClear chemical building materials Co., Ltd. was established in2007, focusing on the production of phenolic foam thermal insulation products. Provide drawing customization services, OEM and ODM processing services, and own brand sales services, build a multi-level and wide-ranging service system, and strive to provide customers with efficient and high-quality services.
We have 11 production lines with large capacity and stable supply, and our products sell well all over the world. Keliyi, which is widely used in internal and external wall insulation, roof insulation, pipe insulation and other fields, is willing to work together with business friends to share innovative achievements.

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