Thermal insulation material for suspended ceiling of breeding shed

Glass wool roll felt is often used, but the thermal conductivity of glass wool is relatively high and the thermal insulation effect is poor. Now there is a new type of thermal insulation material - double sided aluminum foil phenolic plate.

Double sided aluminum foil phenolic has low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, fire and heat insulation, oxygen index of 50, no melting, no shrinking and no dripping during high-temperature carbonization, and good sound insulation and noise reduction effect. After phenolic foaming, the closed cell rate of the finished product is as high as 94%, which effectively isolates the transmission of sound, and does not absorb water and is not afraid of rain. While glass wool has high water absorption rate and is easy to breed bacteria. Double sided aluminum foil phenolic panel is hard foam, light in weight, easy to construct, beautiful and sanitary, and supports customization, The service life can be as long as 30 years, and the glass wool fiber is easy to cause irritation and allergic reaction when contacting the skin during construction, with poor strength and short service life.

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The double-sided aluminum foil phenolic panel also has strong heat radiation resistance, and is an excellent lining material for the canopy, high-temperature workshop, control room, inner wall of machine room, compartment and flat roof. In addition, if the top of the greenhouse is sealed with sunlight plate or transparent plastic cloth, the aluminum foil paper on the phenolic plate can play the role of reflecting ultraviolet rays.

The double-sided aluminum foil phenolic panel can also be arbitrarily cut according to the needs during the construction. It is mainly used in the interior of buildings, various greenhouses, steel structure plants, membrane structure plants, and thermal insulation fields. The effect is very ideal.

Post time: Aug-12-2022