phenolic foam thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of phenolic foam is generally between 0.022 and 0.025. This material has excellent comprehensive performance in the normal use temperature range. Not only is the thermal conductivity of phenolic foam low, aging resistance, dimensional stability, low water absorption, and fire safety. Moreover, it has a wide range of operating temperatures, and can normally play the role of thermal insulation between – 196 ℃ ~ 150 ℃.
Phenolic foam is resistant to ultra-low temperature and high temperature, which makes phenolic foam perform well in low-temperature and cryogenic pipeline insulation and fire insulation of pipes and walls.
The thermal conductivity and compressive strength of phenolic foam at a low temperature of – 165 ℃ and dimensional stability at – 196 ℃ made by Clear in an authoritative department show the following data:

Inspection items test method Measured value
thermal conductivity    W/(m.k)

(Average temperature – 165 ℃)

GB/T 10294-2008 0.013
compressive strength    Kpa


GB/T 8813-2008 262
thermal conductivity    W/(m.k)

(Average temperature100 ℃)

GB/T 10294-2008 0.022
compressive strength    Kpa


GB/T 8813-2008 159
dimensional stability     % GB/T 8811-2008 -0.15

The low thermal conductivity and good comprehensive performance of phenolic foam make it widely used in high temperature and cryogenic fields.

For example, we recently made insulation for beer production line pipes and storage tanks. The pipes have the requirement of temperature resistance of 100 ℃. Phenolic foam pipe shell and arc plate insulation, and aluminum foil cladding have been successful.
Low temperature liquid nitrogen storage tank adopts Clear insulated pipe shell, which is temperature resistant to – 159 ℃, and is well applied.
There are also cases of phenolic foam insulation materials used in partition walls and suspended ceilings of breeding farms and steel structure plants.

Clear has focused on the production of phenolic foam insulation board for 18 years, and continues to share our product knowledge,


Post time: Nov-28-2022