Advantages of phenolic insulation board fire door filling materials

As the name of the fire door shows, there is a high demand for fire protection. Many people do not know what the filling material is. Then, what is the filling material inside the fire door? Let's get to know each other.

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At present, the main door core filling materials in the market are vermiculite, aluminum silicate cotton, rock wool and needle punched cloth phenolic insulation board. Among them, rock wool and aluminum silicate cotton are seriously harmful to people's health due to dust pollution, and will be phased out with the implementation of the new standard.
Phenolic foam thermal insulation board has the advantages of light weight, high temperature carbonization and non combustion, low thermal conductivity, high R value, outstanding thermal insulation and fire protection performance, easy construction of light foam structure, effective sound insulation and noise reduction of foam structure, low price and high comprehensive price ratio compared with polyurethane and PIR materials with the same thermal insulation effect. Therefore, phenolic foam materials are more and more selected by fire door manufacturers as door core plate materials.

In recent years, needle punched cloth phenolic insulation board as the filling material of door core has been widely used. Compared with other door core materials, needle punched phenolic insulation board has the advantages of non-toxic, non combustible, low smoke and high temperature resistance. Combined with other materials, it can be used for building insulation, which can basically reach grade B1 of the national fire protection standard, and fundamentally eliminate the possibility of external insulation fire. The use temperature range is - 250 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃. It overcomes the disadvantages of the original foamed plastic insulation material, such as flammability, smoke and deformation in case of heat, and retains the characteristics of the original foamed plastic insulation material, such as light weight and convenient construction.

Post time: Aug-12-2022